Minute book management for the modern firm

Minit helps legal professionals digitize their minute books, reduce administrative strain, and provide greater value for their clients

According to a 2017 Legal Trends report

According to a 2017 Legal Trends report


Minit leverages the Athennian platform to manage your minute books and templates in one convenient location, combining document management and collaboration tools to increase your efficiency and transparency with clients.

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our features


Increase file security

Never worry about file theft or security again! Your data is held to the highest security standards around.

AES 256 Encryption

Penetration Tested


Reduce Administration

Our platform is built to save you time spent on templates and redundant files through document generation.

Office 365 Integration

Auto-Populated Documents


Enhance Client Communication

Share your minute books and local files to provide an increased level of transparency and value to your clients.


Comments and Mark-ups


Join the cloud revolution

Our cloud-based system allows us to constantly improve your experience through scheduled updates.

Access your files anytime, from anywhere



With E-signature built in to your documents, filing resolutions is 74% faster, requires 96% less email, and has 100% less risk than traditional methods.

Software Preview

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Where are my files stored?

Do electronic signatures and records hold up in a court of law?

How do I manage privacy and sharing permissions?

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What about share certificates?

What are the legal implications of a digital minute book?


about us

We are a team of innovators and creators looking to change the mantra around corporate records and minute book management. We are focused on minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks so you can provide greater value to your clients.


Kenneth Laurin

Ceo and director of sales


mirjana stojchevska

customer service lead


Audra Stevenson

Director of Business Operations


Josh Malate

CFO, Athennian