Minute Book Management for the Modern age

Minit helps law firms digitize their minute books to eliminate administrative costs and provide greater value for their clients

 According to a 2017 Legal Trends report

According to a 2017 Legal Trends report

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Minit leverages the Athennian platform to manage your minute books and templates in one convenient location, combining document management and collaboration tools to increase your efficiency and transparency with clients.

we scan your minute books

Our dedicated scan team comes to you and digitizes your minute books with the utmost respect for privacy and efficiency so that we're in and out of our office as soon as possible.


We upload your files

We upload your documents to a private Athennian account so you never lose access to your minute books.


you share access

Athennian's collaboration feature allows you to share your minute books with clients and collaborators based on their editing permissions so your files stay protected.


we manage your books

We handle yearly resolutions and filings through our managed minute book service so that you never miss a return


our features

Auto-Populated Templates

Want to continue using your own templates for resolutions and filings? Our Field Merge feature means that you only have to upload your templates once, saving you time on future drafts and revisions.

Cloud Storage

Athennian's built-in cloud storage service makes your minute books accessible from anywhere at anytime, saving you real estate costs and helping you provide a greater level of service to your clients.

File Sharing

You have full access over sharing permissions so that files remain private and secure. And with Teams, you and your clients can manage engagements across multiple corporations in one convenient profile, making it easier than ever to review registers and resolutions.

Guaranteed Compliance

Our managed service will make sure that your book is always up to date and that you never miss a filing, ensuring continuance compliance with regulations.

100% Secure

Athennian is currently in the application process for ISO 27001, the highest level of certification for an Information Security Management System. This means your files are never shared or viewed without you or your client's express consent.


With E-signature built in to your documents, filing resolutions is 74% faster, requires 96% less email, and has 100% less risk than traditional methods.



One-Time Fee

We provide an on-site scanning service that is quick and pain-free, giving you access to our secure cloud storage platform and collaboration features.

ongoing Service

plans starting at $10.00/month

Annual Maintenance Fee

Minit can file all annual resolutions and filings on your behalf as well as registry and internal documents so that your minute books are always up to date

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about us

We are a team of innovators and creators looking to change the mantra around corporate records and minute book management. We are focused on minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks so you can provide greater value to your clients.


Kenneth Laurin

Ceo and director of sales


matthias dyckerhoff

Director of field Operations


Audra Stevenson

Director of Business Operations


Josh Malate

CFO, Athennian


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